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Please find below a brief summary of the content of each workshop.

The numbers in brackets indicate which sessions each workshop is due to run in (subject to change).

Session 1: 09.30 • Session 2: 11.30 • Session 3: 14.15

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Janice Thompson – Presentation and Diabetes Questionnaire

Moving + Eating Well = Ageing Well Presentation

Janice Thompson – Diabetes Questionnaire

Communications: Raising the profile of the U3A (2/3)

Strengthening your communication platforms will help you raise the profile of your U3A. From writing stories for newsletters or websites, to getting your messages out in the community – it is all about maximising awareness. We will consider two key areas: How to find and write impactful content (including for press releases) and how to use social media.

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Cyber Crime: Keeping you safe in an electronic age (1/2)

Cyber crime is the fastest-growing crime in the UK. This workshop is based on a longer seminar put together by Thorpe Bay and Essex Police Serious Crime Division. We will talk about the differing nature of crimes and how we may be impacted, and we will cover the scope of laptops, tablets, smartphones and even the credit cards in your pocket. We will address when to be suspicious, and the different types of precautions one should take.

Click to view the Cyber Security Presentation part 1 and Cyber Security Presentation part 2

Diversity (2)

Diversity affects everyone. Are U3A members a homogenous group or each one a unique individual with personal life stories? Diversity refers to different types of people: age, gender etc. Embracing diversity is the first step towards inclusion.

Effective Committees (1/2)

The session will be entirely participative. Attendees will raise issues that they face in managing their U3As. Possible solutions will be discussed by Workshop participants. The Workshop aims to assist Chairs, and other Committee Members, in managing their U3A by sharing experiences with committee members in other U3As.

Click to view the Effective Committees Workshops Combined Notes document.

Enquiring Minds (1/3)

Find out about finding out! So many study groups are discovering new things, in different fields, but may not realise the wider value of what they’re doing. We can work in our own U3As or with local partners, eg museums or charities, promoting their work and making the U3A relevant to the wider society.

Click to view the Enquiring Minds – Research in Interest Groups and Enquiring Minds feedback ideas documents.

Finance for U3As: the simple method (1)

This workshop will cover:

  • Setting U3A financial controls
  • Dual authorisation – what it means and how to comply
  • Credit cards for the U3A – who should use them and what is the banks’ view
  • What expenses are included in U3A accounts and how are they documented
  • Reserves policies

Click to view the Finance for U3As presentation.

Financial Matters (3)

Participants will be encouraged to offer input on the topics they would like to discuss. These will then be covered under the following categories: Handling money and charitable purposes; Finance models; Insurance; Reporting and examining accounts; Gift Aid.

Focus Groups (2)

So you think running a focus group well is easy?  This interactive workshop will address controversies about recruitment, facilitating the discussion, and analysing the data. Come and share your thoughts and experiences. Try some analysis in group work.

iDEA (2/3)

Join Kerensa Jennings from HRH The Duke of York’s Office to learn about iDEA. iDEA is a new programme that helps you develop digital and enterprise skills for free through a series of online challenges and events. Learn more at

Learning to Learn (1/2/3)

Learning to Learn (L2L) Part 2: Take you and your members ‘Beyond Your Horizons’ again! Engage in and learn newer exciting, pleasurable activities to encourage members’ participative and collaborative learning. Continuing from Part 1, activities are adaptable by any member and are suitable for all members.

Presenting the U3A movement (1)

Presenting the U3A movement, by giving pre-retirement talks for example, offers you an opportunity to help fuel its growth. If you’ve given any talks already, do come and share your experiences. If not, come along and help design a checklist of items to include in a talk to enthuse people about U3A.

Putting Learning Centre Stage (1/2/3)

Supporting Learning across the tens of thousands of U3A interest groups – not an easy task – but with the right digital tools, resources and techniques what a difference we can make. Within this session we will be showing some of the innovative ways that technology can support learning. No previous digital experience necessary but if you have a laptop, tablet or phone bring it along!

Running Interest Groups (1/2/3)

Subject advisers will be on hand to give practical advice on running enjoyable and informative U3A interest groups. Session 1 will have a focus on Science groups, while sessions 2 and 3 will look at Philosophy. No prior experience in either subject is required.

The Best AGM Ever! (1/2/3)

YOUR BEST EVER AGM – or is it? Come and join the committee of Much Wittering in the Marshes U3A for their 10th AGM (or is it the 11th, or maybe the 9th?) and judge their management strategies. Maybe you can offer them some advice.

Click to view the Best Ever AGM Conference Notes Presentation.

U3A Groupings and the Network Link (3)

This Workshop covers the organic development, and diverse characteristics, of 70 plus groupings of U3As across the UK. It will also demonstrate how the twice yearly “Network Link” meetings, launched last autumn, are helping to improve communication between U3A groupings and the Trust.

Click to view the Network Link presentation.

U3A Membership Cards (3)

Learn about the exciting possibilities of U3A membership cards with Wellingborough U3A’s Membership Secretary, Jayne.

Click to view the U3A Plastic Membership Cards presentation.

U3A Plus: Accessibility and Inclusivity in our U3As (1/3)

U3A Plus is being developed to assist (support) U3As in ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all their members. This workshop will explore ways we can help all members to access the lifelong learning on offer in their U3A.

Click to view the U3APlus presentation.

VOICE Global (1/2)

Driverless cars, digital healthcare and ‘smart’ talking homes were once just seen in Sci-fi movies, but are now a reality.

Public insights, experiences and ideas are vital in shaping research and developing everyday products and services that we need. At this interactive workshop you will learn how VOICE (part of the UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing), supports business and researchers to develop the products and services of the future that will change the way we live, socialise and stay healthy.

By contributing their life experience, insights and ideas, our Voice members:

  • Enjoy a wide range of learning opportunities as ‘research active citizens’.
  • Stimulate and inspire technological innovations.
  • Test new products and services.

Find out more at

Volunteers and Volunteering (1/2/3)

‘Ask not what your U3A can do for you; ask what you can do for your U3A’.

This workshop, facilitated by Advice and Volunteering Manager Sophie Wellings, will explore the topic of volunteering in respect of volunteer motivations, valuing volunteers and trends in volunteering that are relevant to the demographic that the U3A is trying to attract.
Click to view the Volunteers and Volunteering presentation.

Writing Press Releases (1)

Francis Beckett, editor of Third Age Matters, will show how to write effective and engaging press releases to help publicise your U3A activities.